Urooj Raza Khan

Urooj Raza Khan

Dr. Urooj R. Khan, a Senior Lecturer at La Trobe University’s School of Psychology and Public Health, is a prominent figure in the leadership of digital health postgraduate programs. As an Associate Fellow at the Australasian Institute of Digital Health and a Certified Professional of the Australian Computer Society, Dr. Urooj is recognized for her expertise in the field. Before completing her professional doctorate (2019), she gained over a decade of experience in the software engineering globally and locally. Driven by a commitment to maximize her influence, Dr. Urooj’s primary objective is to explore strategies for optimizing virtual care models and advancing digital health education for workforce & consumers to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and public health outcomes. Actively involved in numerous digital health research projects, Dr. Khan collaborates with industry partners to drive innovation, particularly in virtual care, consumer informatics, and digital health education. Notable projects include evaluating smart glasses usability, analysing patient feedback for the Victorian Virtual Emergency Department, and investigating digital health consumer behaviour in collaboration with Medibank, alongside assessing digital health education initiatives.

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