Breaking Barriers, Creating Opportunities: A Unique Mentoring Program for WOC in STEM

Revitalized and Resilient: STEM Sisters Mentoring Program Returns with Strong Sponsorship Support

After a successful launch in 2019 and a positive response from the STEM community, the STEM Sisters Mentoring Program will return in 2023. We are excited to announce that, with our sponsors’ generous support, we can again offer this transformative program to women of colour in STEM.

In 2019, the program was met with overwhelming enthusiasm, connecting WOC mentees with experienced mentors who shared their passion for advancing diversity in the STEM fields. The program continued its mission in 2020, witnessing the growth and achievements of its participants. However, we could not offer the program in 2021 and 2022 due to insufficient financial resources.

Now, we are proud to return in 2023 stronger than ever, thanks to the unwavering support of our sponsors and partners. Their commitment to empowering WOC in STEM has made it possible for us to revitalize the program and continue making a lasting impact in the lives and careers of our mentees.

We are grateful to the following sponsors and partners for recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion in STEM and partnering with us to make a meaningful difference. Their support enables us to offer a comprehensive program that addresses the specific needs and aspirations of WOC in STEM, empowering them to excel in their chosen fields.


We offer three unique structured mentoring programs


STEM students who are women of colour, local and international


Local and international recent STEM graduates who are women of colour


Early career STEM professionals /STEM returners, STEM career shifters, who are women of colour.


  • Application EOI start – 5th June 2023
  • Application EOI close – 30th June 2023
  • Matching is done between 1st July to 10th July 2023

STEM Sisters Mentoring program begins on the week starting from 10th July 2023 (week 1) and ends on the week ending on 29th September 2023 (Week 12)

  • Week one – Program Launch 12 noon to 1pm 11th July 2023 (online) In-person event 10th July from 5pm to 7pm, Melbourne CBD
  • Week two –Mentee Training 5pm to 6pm 18th July 3023 (online)
  • Week four – In-person Networking event 5pm to 7pm on 3rd August 2023, Melbourne CBD
  • Week nine – In-person Networking event 5pm to 7pm on 7th September 2023, Melbourne CBD
  • Week Twelve – Program End 29th Sep 2023 12 noon to 1pm (online)

As a mentee, committing dedicated time and effort to the program is important. Please review your schedule and ensure that you have the availability to actively engage in mentoring sessions, meetings, and related program activities before you submit your EOI.