Chloe Lim

Chloe Lim

Dr Chloe Lim is a scientist who is also a professional balloon artist. She was trained as a molecular biologist and has over 14 years working in medical research. In the last few years, she transitioned from academia into government and now works in a regulatory agency. She is also an entrepreneur, with her own party entertainment service offering balloon twisting services as Giggly Wiggly Balloons. Chloe is passionate about STEM engagement from an early age and helping children develop their curiosity about their amazing body. She wrote and published the book “What Makes You Unique”, which is an early reader’s book introducing children to the concept of genetics and how DNA makes us unique. She merges her passion for science and the magic of balloon twisting to create fun and engaging science storytelling shows. She is also a STEM Career Coach and Mentor who help women in STEM make their next career move be it winning promotions, transitioning out of academia, or starting their entrepreneurship journey.

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