Sampa Sarkar

Sampa Sarkar

I am a Research fellow at RMIT University and have over 10 years of international academic/industry experiences. My research focuses on development of bioassays and biochemical studies of host-pathogen infection models to identify and validate biomarkers for drug discovery for Tuberculosis. Furthermore, I am currently involved to develop inhaled nano-therapeutics and vaccine platform technology for the treatment of pulmonary Tuberculosis. I have expertise on design and structural characterization of lipidic materials for encapsulation and controlled release of functional biomacromolecules such as, plasmid DNA, siRNA, mRNA, Aptamers, Subunit nano vaccine and pharmaceutical drugs on the high-throughput platform. In particular, I am investigating the use of lipid nanomaterials to increase the stability and activity of biomolecules and drugs over prolonged storage and for in vitro/in vivo delivery for infectious disease and anti-microbial resistance.

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