Tahseen Kamal

Tahseen Kamal

Throughout my career as a Senior Lecturer (and Lecturer) I performed the role of a mentor of my students. A number of my students doing their undergraduate in EEE acknowledged my role in their career and said “I could complete my bachelors degree because of you”. This role was a part of my academic commitments. I also mentored students at ANU and UNSW Canberra. Since 2011, I mentored a Lecturer in EEE, who was struggling to adjust to teaching in an university. In 2013 he got promoted to Senior Lecturer. Till date, he attributes his career success to me that I have been “an umbrella” to him. At UNSW Canberra I took some voluntary leadership work in the Early Career Academic Network (ECAN) and a new postdoctoral researcher, Emily was supported by me. When I left UNSW, she wrote in a card “thanks for taking me under your wing immediately and helping me when I was new”. Even in my current role, I manage Junior Engineer and I not only guide them in their professional development as a duty, but also mentor them. I also mentored year 12 students participating in university outreach events.

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