Samata Rao Ghantasala

Samata Rao Ghantasala

I am a curious, data-driven, customer-centric, forward-thinking, technical product manager with over 5 years of specialized experience (15 years overall) in building innovative products and creating belonging, measurable experiences that meet customer needs, foster trust, and drive revenue. After dedicating 9 years in mastering the ‘How’, Bayer provided me with my first breakthrough into the realm of Product Management, enabling me to delve into the ‘What’ and ‘Why’ and pursue my passion for innovation, strategic thinking, and people-centric initiatives. Believe me, I haven’t looked back since then. I specialize in collaborating with geographically dispersed teams and multiple disciplinary functions to take an idea from concept to market across multiple platforms. I leverage user research, and data insights to discover real problems to solve for, identify gaps, implement the right solutions to these problems and improve product offerings. In addition to my professional expertise, I am a collaborative leader who values open communication and fosters a culture of empathy, continuous learning, intellectual intensity and innovation. Through Citi’s Prometheus program aimed at developing female talent, I had the opportunity to mentor women from diverse backgrounds in their career advancement and potential future leadership roles within the company. We recently migrated to Australia from India. While I was getting settled here, I had the opportunity to participlate in Women in STEM Careers Fair last week. It was a very refreshing and inspiring experience. I am looking forward to being a part of this wonderful program and helping women excel and thrive in the professional world in any way I can.

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