Ruwangi Fernando

Ruwangi Fernando

Ruwangi is an Information Technology specialist with experience in broader IT technologies, including Artificial Intelligence. She holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Victoria University completed in collaboration with Data61, CSIRO and the Department of Transport in Victoria, a master’s in strategic IT from The University of Wolverhampton, UK another master’s in human resources and a bachelor’s degree in IT from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Having worked as an international academic in Sri Lanka, the UK, and Australia and a consultant for top-tier companies internationally, she is now a changemaker for Women of color in STEM and advocating for an intersectional approach to diversity and inclusion in the Australian STEM sector. ¬†She is a born leader, academic, researcher, consultant, entrepreneur, AI specialist, and speaker. She is devoted to advocating for diversity and inclusion in STEM and the importance of intersectionality.

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