Kavika S.

Kavika S.

I am a cybersecurity practitioner at Ernst and Young, Australia specializing in Vulnerability Management, Incident Response, and Detection. I hold a bachelor’s degree with Distinction in Cyber Security and Behavior which ignited my passion to explore technology from a human behavior perspective. I strive to empower more women in STEAM fields to enforce creative and innovative solutions to technological problems. I am an appointed NSW Cyber Ambassador and am a regular author in the Australian Women in Security Magazine where I pen my views and experiences of working in the cybersecurity industry. I have conducted more than 200 skill development and technical workshops for university & high school students across Australia & Oceania region to educate and upskill them in trending technologies such as Cyber Security, Blockchain, and Machine Learning. I continue to volunteer with NGOs to encourage digital literacy and cybersecurity awareness among young children and the elderly. An ardent believer in digital equity and impact entrepreneurship, I envision creating practical solutions and tools to enable each human regardless of class or gender to understand and interpret technology for their own goodwill.

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